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” Moji is a mentor and an inspiration. Moji is a role model to young immigrants like me. Her book is inspiring and gives you a glimpse into the struggles of being an immigrant. Immigrants do not get it easy. Imagine having to struggle to succeed in a system where you are already at a disadvantage from the start. Moji survived an era where attitudes towards immigrants were not the best. She persevered and now she writes about her triumphs. These did not come easy. This book is an immigrants guide towards success. Meeting Moji has positively changed my attitude towards life, work and overall perspective on life. This book tells a story of strength, character and motivation. And I am ready to also give back to my community.”

George Eno

“A Chronicle of an Immigrant’s Journey”

It’s not easy to leave your birthplace behind, to immigrate to a new land, and start from the bottom to build a good life, especially as a minority. Yet, a life of meaning and value is available to anyone who is determined to work hard, move past the disappointments, accept the challenges, and embrace the joy in the journey. Through her life story, Moji Taiwo chronicles just what it takes to make it. Her passion for service, her exemplary work ethic, and her positive attitude shines through, inspiring all to live their best life.

In this book, you will find:
Excitement to be your unique self Inspiration to succeed
Empowerment to step out in faith
Motivation to pursue your dreams & achieve your goals
Strength to challenge the standard norms
Grace & fortitude to give, share, & receive blessings
Open-mindedness to learn from others
Courage to transform challenges into opportunities
Wisdom to be a flourisher rather than a survivor

Moji Taiwo

wife, mother, & grandmother, is an avid community organizer in Calgary, Alberta. She’s a retired civil servant, a community leader, and an advocate for family, women, and children’s causes. A successful businesswoman, coach, and life skills facilitator, she has received many professional and community awards.      Read More …

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