Student’s View



2017 The class objective was for to learn (at least) one thing from the session and the following are responses from some of the participants.

That is the importance of basic character in yourself and in the people that you choose to have relationships with. Habib Jinadu – From our weekly sessions, I have learnt the following;

1) That I’m going to start TFSA and a trading account hopefully by next week

2) All the career options I wish I knew before going into university. I’ll teach all my loved ones that they have options before they go into university

3) How to not communicate. Especially with the little drama (role play) we did. I used that on a kid yesterday and it worked like a charm. Thank you soo much for the lessons!!!

Jessica O.


Good day, the classes we had as a group has benefited me because I had no idea about them before. Money management was a huge part because I didn’t know about the interest rate and the way a credit card works properly. Also, what is needed and important about relationships. Thank you for infusing words of wisdom in us for our future.

Oluwanifemi A.


Before I say one thing I’ve learned, I would like to thank you for the time you took, to teach us the things you did. I greatly appreciate it. The one thing I learned and found most value in was the information on Credit Cards. Before the session, I didn’t know exactly how they worked but after I understood that you can get a credit card, but you should be able to pay the money before the interest rate period hits so you do not get into debt. I also appreciated all the life lessons, laughs and the discussions you shared with us. Thank you –

Ayeesha M.


One thing that I’ve learned in this sessions that we had this summer is the importance of saving money and investing. The cool thing about investing is that you can put an amount of money in the bank and get money on top of that just for putting it in the bank. I also learned that it’s important that before I spend money, I should take 10% out to save and work my spending in the 90% of my earnings.

Chidera U.


I learned better ways to communicate effectively and I learned more about money management. Thank you for your time and have a great day! -Aisha Ayorinde – I’ve learned to not limit myself to one career path. How there are so many things I can become that can combine all of my skills and interests. So, I should not just chase a job that provides a lot of money, but instead follow my passion



What I’ve gained during these classes are the knowledge of how to spend my money and use it more wisely and how to take my money I have now and grow it into more money for the future.

Daniel O.



Time-out and Touchbase Parenting Group – January 2016

Thanks so much Moji, I have mentioned you to our Playschool Director and to our Youth Leaders. If they ever want to do a presentation to parents or youth – I have passed your card around. I really enjoyed the session – I know the ladies did as well! Such a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to our next session as well.
Take care,
Mary Dyck
Community & Women’s Ministries Director
403-249-8605 x236


“I learned about many types of relationships, the meaning of ‘consent “and how to protect myself”

“I gained knowledge about healthy vs unhealthy relationships and how to protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases”

“I learnt about domestic abuse and positive relationships”

“How important consent is in a relationship before sex and how easy it is to get an STI. I will recommend this program to my friends because they get to talk about those things they may not 100% comfortable talking about”

“I learned about safety, choices, dating and sexual consent” “I learnt how to know if someone is being abused, sexuality and ways to live a healthy life”

“I learned about what to look for when thinking about dating. I learned about safe sex and how to choose abstinence. I would recommend the program to my friends because you get together and learn things that will help us in the future”

“I gained the ability to identify an unhealthy relationship and qualities to look for in my future partner. The class was amazing and entertaining. The presenter is awesome and informed”

“I gained understating of consent, sexuality and condoms. I will like to learn more about university, future aspirations and how to define success, engineering, medicine and law are not the only way”

“I gained awareness about all types of abuse and how to practise safer sex, the program was very educational and informative; Information that can be applied to everyday life. I can apply this in the future and present”

“I learned that consent is necessary and why some people stay in abusive relationships. The program was very interactive and fun. I want to talk more about dating”

“I learned what to look for in a date and would like to know how to keep a relationship”


NCAC 2015 Summer Camp Feedback (Excerpts)

I gained knowledge about values and decision making and would like to learn about personal safety in future class.
– Josephine

It helped me know how to make the right decision …I would like to gain confidence in interacting with others and dealing with peer pressure. – Ben

I learnt how to act amongst people and how to choose my future job…I would like to learn different ways to study.
– No Name

I learned how to make proper decisions and values….I want the program to be a week long or more than two days…I would like to learn about career choices and universities; dating and peer pressure; the right way to save money….bring in speakers like doctor, lawyer, stylist, designer, veterinarian and others………
– Adesola

I gained knowledge about where values come from and that one’s values determine what is right from wrong…I’d like to learn more about self esteem, dealing with stress, personal/health care and stopping arguments.
– No Name

Learnt how to make smart decision, keep own values and made new friends….I’ll like to have topics on anti-bullying, internet safety/dating and sexuality and peer pressure.
– Chiamaka

I learned about different values and helped me to make decisions…I want the program to be three days ..I want to learn more about the Canadian Charter of Fights and Freedom, how to stop peer pressure and gain self esteem.
– Chiedozie

I’ll like to learn more about drug abuse and peer pressure and I will recommend this program to my friends because it helps to build good character.
– Kasie

I would recommend this program because it should help with social skills and personal development. ……
– Esosa

I learnt how much my decisions are influenced by my values and people around me…..I would like to learn more about youth and the law, career choices and conflict resolution……I will recommend this class because we learn and have fun too.
– Anthony Jr.

I want to learn more about freedom and how to deal with school issues.
– Mario

I learn about making good choices and I will recommend this program because it teaches some things that can help us now in the future.

Year: 1998

Being the child of members of the Calgary Nigerian-Canadian Association, I really had no choice as to whether I wanted to take the community offered Life Skills course. At that time in my life, I probably would have rather been playing videos games or sports with my friends. Now looking back, I understand the importance of the course and how it has helped me progress in my career. The course gave me the tools to adequately evaluate my beliefs, consider career choices, and generally understand the role I played in my community and the larger society. The course instructor was also great and quite knowledgeable with the materials. She is someone who understands and is able to integrate the homeland and Canadian culture. To this day, I see her more as a mentor than just a friend of the family.

Lynn Maric (Olagundoye)
Energy Analyst
Year: 1995

I attended a life course with Moji Taiwo when I was around 13 years old. It was great being in an environment with my peers sharing our experiences and the challenges of being adolescent, female, first generation Canadians. Moji was patient and she listened. She was fun and gave us great ideas and guidance. She created a safe space for us girls to share and bond. After 20 years I am still very close friends with many of the other ladies that participated in that

Lola Akpanudoh
Registered Nurse

I was fortunate to participate in life skills classes at an early age (tweens). The exact year alludes me but it is safe to say the time frame is greater than twenty years. The most enjoyable aspect of the class was coming together with other girls my age and building friendships and developing camaraderie

Cynthia Lokko, M.S.W., RSW
Community Social Worker Community
Neighbourhood Services, Richmond
The City of Calgary


I participated in Moji Taiwo’s Life Skills program during the period of 1994-1996 and attribute her program in helping me become the confident, successful woman I am today. Moji’s program not only gave the young girls and boys, of my generation, a safe place where we could hang out and socialize with our peers, but an opportunity to explore and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of being young adolescents. The program content was very informative and explored areas such as the development stages of adolescence; peer pressure; building and maintaining healthy and positive relationships; health and wellness; and money management. I highly recommend Moji’s program for today’s youth who may be facing their own set of challenges as young adults. Moji’s program will not only assist you in building the necessary skills and foundation to survive adolescence, but an opportunity to develop your potential to succeed in life. Thank-you Moji for giving us the tools to become successful young adults and for giving us a head-start in life.

Amanda Okafor
Youth Counselor
Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

I participated in the life skills course offered through the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary during my early pre- teen years. I really appreciated the fact that Moji provided a platform for us youth to bond and a have a safe space to discuss issues that may have been difficult to discuss at home. The program was both engaging and interactive, and Moji was very knowledgeable about the material she presented to us. Moji has a genuine passion for helping youth reach their maximum potential; She has not only proven to be an inspiration to the youth in the Nigerian – Canadian community, but also a mentor to those of us entering our careers.

On Wednesday July 22, Moji Taiwo presented the workshop “Rising Above” to the youth of the CCIS Immigrant Youth Outreach Project. The presentation provided a platform for the youth to openly discuss the barriers faced by immigrants and create positive solutions to overcome these issues. Moji was very great with the youth. Her ideas were concise and easy for the youth to understand, and she kept them engaged by drawing from her own experiences as both an immigrant and a Youth Worker. The feedback we received from some of the youth was that they felt connected, inspired and the presentation motivated them to work hard to be successful in Canada.
Thank you!

Amanda Okafor
Youth Counselor
Immigrant Youth Outreach Project

I first met with Moji as a newcomer to Calgary and I was having problem with one of my kids.Moji helped me with tips on how to parent my kid. I think with the experience that Moji has there is no doubt this is a good program that every family (especially new comers to this country) should access. Moji not only helped the family settle in Calgary but also was an encouragement to this writer who went back to school, earned my MSW and now is a social worker in Calgary.
– Anonymous